Our company is registered in Riga (Latvia), and it has a research and production center in Moscow (Russia). Our team unites people obsessed by the idea of creation of new type of practical and comfortable wearable electronic devices that would assist millions of users in supporting their various daily activities.
Alexey, Founder and Project Manager Dmitry, Deputy Project Manager Matvey, adviser on external relations Alexander, Chief Engineer
Alexander, IT Elvira, Chief Technologist,
Industrial Design
Igor, Lead Engineer, Electrician Julia, office manager
  German, engineer, 3D rendering Dmitry, engineer, microelectronics  

Stanislav G. Semensov, Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering, Professor of Bauman University.
Alexander P. Oettinger, M.D., Ph.D.,M.Sci.D., Professor Head of Biomedical Research Department of RNRMU.
Sir Konstantin Novoselov, Nobel laureate in Physics.
Vladimir G. Popov,  Ph.D., Deputy Head of Nanoelectronics Physics and Technology Chair in Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology

Juozas Statkevicius

NeckTec Smart Necklace

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